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Hand Loader! Are you looking for improved accuracy? Accuracy demands consistency and precision in every operation and component used in hand loading. The brass case is very important and sometimes important details are overlooked--such as the Primer Pocket and Flash Hole inside of the case.

In cartridge manufacturing, the flash hole is "punched" into the brass. While this is the least expensive method, it has many shortcomings and inconsistencies. The flash holes, therefore, are of different sizes and shapes. The most detrimental to accuracy are the irregular "breakouts" and "burrs" on the inside. This will cause "shot-to-shot" differences in Primer "Flame Fronts", causing inconsistent pressure/velocity and, thereby, loss of accuracy. Bench Rest Shooters have been uniforming flash holes since 1969.

With the Precision K & M UNIFORMER tools, you can realize the potential accuracy by simultaneously reaming, de-burring and chamfering the inside of the flash hole. The unique features of the K & M Tools provide uniformity with a pre-set depth stop, (Gage), surrounding the tool steel cutter, therefore, does not require the case to be trimmed to a precise or consistent length. Operation is controlled in reference to inside-bottom of case, not case mouth.

[Patented in U.S. and Canada]